4 Ways To Freshen Self Storage

Extreme weather can cause damage, therefore some items placed in hot attics in summer or cold garages in winter are put at risk. Climate-control helps maintain the integrity of the inventory kept in self-storage units, therefore wooden furniture, fabrics and even electronics remain in good condition. Wherever you place unused items for temporary or long-term… Read more »

Prepare For Spring Cleaning and Self-Storage

Spring cleaning is coming soon once again, are you prepared? It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates around the house in a year. Much of it, we can let go before we decide what stays at home and what can sit in a Norfolk self-storage unit. What’s left, we throw out and feel lighter. When your… Read more »

Self-Storage on Short Notice

Life comes at you fast sometimes. A canceled lease may force you to find a new apartment within thirty to sixty days. A new job may move you to another city, effective ASAP. Quick relocations bring challenges, especially if you have an entire house of furniture and appliances to pack. Self-storage provides some help when… Read more »

Self-Storage When You’re Mobile

Events of the last few years have changed the way many people live and work. The 2020 lockdown resulted in many jobs turning remote, for example. Today people continue to work outside a dedicated office, and some have even taken the bigger step of downsizing and working from the road. Imagine trading it all in… Read more »

All About Climate Control

It’s a term you will see throughout our website. Climate controlled self storage is a hallmark of our business. When you rent a unit from Tidewater Drive Storage Center, you gain access to a clean space which maintains the ideal temperature year round. Consistency in climate brings an added layer of protection to your belongings,… Read more »

Preparing Outdoor Furniture For Storage

Once again, the weather in Hampton Roads is changing. Cooler temperatures at night means fewer nights spent outside for some. The patio and deck furniture you enjoyed all summer long may be put away until spring. If you have a Norfolk self-storage unit, you are assured of a safe space to keep your belongings until… Read more »

Self-Care and Self-Storage Go Together

What is your favorite method of self-care? Maybe it’s treating yourself to a coffee drink, or binge watching a favorite show. Time spent on self-care, be it in meditation or exercise or a hobby you enjoy, can help reduce anxiety and stress. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and a great time to consider all the… Read more »

Proper Golf Equipment Care For Storage

August is National Golf Month, though in Hampton Roads it seems like every month is perfect for the game. Gorgeous weather and manicured courses attract locals and visitors alike, and if you play regularly we hope you have managed to take a few strokes off your game. Eventually, though, golf season ends for many of… Read more »

Safely Store Your Grill After Summer

July is National Grilling Month. Nothing defines a summer meal better than a grilled hamburger or hot dog on a sunny day, preferably after spending time at the beach or in the pool. Hopefully this season the weather will cooperate and you’ll get in as many days of grilling as you wish. When you are… Read more »

Safely Store Your Camping Gear

How does a summer night sleeping under the stars sound? June is National Camping Month, and if you enjoy getting back to nature this is the time to get out your camping gear and go outside. Whether you prefer to travel in an RV or to get primitive with a simple tent and sleeping bag,… Read more »