3 Things To Love About Self-Storage

Get a head start on Spring cleaning with some help from Tidewater Drive Storage Center! Call us about our $1 first month’s rent special today. 757.333.7800 Would you give your valentine the gift of self-storage? We’ll admit, we’d love chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day but they only last so long. While self-storage is not a traditional present for… Read more »

“Give Me a (Spring) Break!”

Get a head start on Spring cleaning with some help from Tidewater Drive Storage Center! Call us about our $1 first month’s rent special today. 757.333.7800 Ask us if spring is the best time to rent a self-storage unit, and we’ll say yes. Of course, if you ask if winter and summer are ideal, we’ll… Read more »

Add Self-Storage To Your New Year’s Resolutions

The year is drawing to a close…did you stick to all of your 2019 resolutions? If not, is your next list shorter than usual to avoid discouragement? While we can’t speak for any resolutions that involve going to the gym or furthering education, we are here to help those determined to better organize their home… Read more »

Self-Storage Means More Space, Less Stress For the Holiday

Have questions about renting a self-storage unit in Norfolk? Call Tidewater Drive Storage Center at 757-333-7800 today! When you can break a bit from holiday shopping, take a moment to think about your needs this season, particularly where storage is concerned. Norfolk self-storage comes in handy for homeowners who take pride in showing their holiday… Read more »

Self-Storage = Self-Care?

What does self-care mean to you? Maybe it involves taking a few hours or more to yourself and going for a long nature walk. Reading a book in quiet place, retail therapy at a favorite store, or going to the movies are just a few ways to unwind and recharge before facing challenges. Self-care means… Read more »

Scary Facts About Self-Storage

In a few weeks, countless masked creatures will roam Hampton Roads neighborhoods in search of treats. Many homeowners have gotten into the spirit early, too. Drive around after dark and you’ll find a number of houses have undergone haunted makeovers. Light strings and giant inflatables aren’t for Christmas anymore… Halloween is a holiday for decorating,… Read more »

3 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

How did Dorian treat you? For all the technology we now use to track hurricanes, it is difficult to predict how a severe storm will affect your home. Because Hampton Roads has a diverse landscape, some people will fare better than others in terms of property loss or damage. Year after year, though, we know… Read more »

4 Things To Do For a Successful Garage Sale

This coming Saturday, August 10th, is National Garage Sale Day. With the first day of school closer on the horizon, it’s a great time to clear out the clothes that don’t fit, the toys that have gone untouched, and other items taking up space. You might think it odd that a website for a Norfolk… Read more »

Before You Upgrade Your Self-Storage…

If you currently use Norfolk self-storage to hold furniture, seasonal clothing and decorations, or other belongings, you’re aware of the convenience the extra space brings. You have room to move at home and you’re satisfied knowing everything else you own is secure. As with living in a house that seems to shrink over time, too,… Read more »

Keep Your Self-Storage Safe

June is National Safety Month, a good time to talk about safety precautions to take while managing your storage unit. Summer can be a busy time for storage facilities as parents of college-age kids stash dorm furniture until fall, and families come to retrieve surfboards, patio chairs and other seasonal items. Of course, it should… Read more »