Self-Storage Helps For Life Changes

Life can come at you fast. Whether it’s good or bad, things happen and it’s better to be prepared for whenever they come. Major life changes can lead you to make big decisions, including the need to rent a storage unit. Be prepared and stress-free by keeping your valuables safe and secured. Marriage Compromise is a… Read more »

Is Tidewater Storage Part of Your New Year’s Resolution?

Thinking about decluttering your home as your New Year’s resolution? Tidewater Drive Storage Center is the perfect place to look into if you aren’t sure which of your possessions you should keep or throw away. If you still need help deciding whether or not our Norfolk storage facility is the place for you, here are… Read more »

Make the Most of Self-Storage During the Holidays

It’s no secret that the self-storage business sees a spike in activity in December. We tend to see certain customers who haven’t visited us in months – about eleven, to be exact. Norfolk self-storage comes in handy for homeowners who take pride in lighting up the neighborhood at Christmastime. Garages are nice for holding small… Read more »

Self-Storage: Good For Business, If You Abide By The Rules

A friend who is looking for a new home recently saw some properties with potential but found the same problem with each one. No garage. “There’s no place for my workshop,” he said. His current residence has a setup for his woodworking, but with the growth of his hobby, the area has become cramped. For now,… Read more »

Storing Spring and Summer Clothes

Now that we’re well into October we should feel a coolness in the air. This being Norfolk, though, we may end up waiting a while, but despite current temperatures, we know fall is here. We can always tell when the seasons change because we see an uptick in activity at our Norfolk self-storage facility. This… Read more »

Safe Storage Options For Your Boat

Fall is right around the corner, and that means all those fun times fishing, tubing, and partying on the boat are sadly coming to an end. Do you know what you’re going to do with your boat? How are you going to store and keep it safe for the cold weather that’ll be here sooner… Read more »

Self Storage Offers Solutions for Late Summer

Welcome to August. Not only have we reached the hottest month of year, but also a time for quick decisions. Maybe you haven’t taken your vacation yet, and now you have a short window of opportunity before school starts. It’s tough to be a kid in August, too, as thoughts turn to buying new supplies… Read more »

Sharing Storage Space: 4 Things To Know

Sharing is caring, and a good way to save on expenses. How many of us allow friends and family access to home WiFi or our streaming television subscriptions to help keep the costs down? Maybe you’ve contributed money for groceries or other items because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and split the goods. It’s… Read more »

Starting Your Own Business? You Need Storage

It’s all about the “side hustle” these days, so we hear. Even if you have a steady job that pays the bills, a bit of extra work helps to fund things you need or enjoy. It’s not uncommon to see friends offering their skills and expertise on jobshare sites, and we’ve spotted a few rideshare… Read more »

It’s Hot Out There! Make Sure Your Storage Stays Cool

Summer in Norfolk. It hasn’t arrived yet, but we’re feeling a change in the air and it’s about eighty degrees. Soon the kids will be out of school and the out-of-state relatives in a car heading your way. We’ll once again enjoy days at the beach, festivals at Town Point Park, and the new Waterside Market,… Read more »