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3 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness

How did Dorian treat you? For all the technology we now use to track hurricanes, it is difficult to predict how a severe storm will affect your home. Because Hampton Roads has a diverse landscape, some people will fare better than others in terms of property loss or damage. Year after year, though, we know… Read more »

4 Things To Do For a Successful Garage Sale

This coming Saturday, August 10th, is National Garage Sale Day. With the first day of school closer on the horizon, it’s a great time to clear out the clothes that don’t fit, the toys that have gone untouched, and other items taking up space. You might think it odd that a website for a Norfolk… Read more »

Before You Upgrade Your Self-Storage…

If you currently use Norfolk self-storage to hold furniture, seasonal clothing and decorations, or other belongings, you’re aware of the convenience the extra space brings. You have room to move at home and you’re satisfied knowing everything else you own is secure. As with living in a house that seems to shrink over time, too,… Read more »

Keep Your Self-Storage Safe

June is National Safety Month, a good time to talk about safety precautions to take while managing your storage unit. Summer can be a busy time for storage facilities as parents of college-age kids stash dorm furniture until fall, and families come to retrieve surfboards, patio chairs and other seasonal items. Of course, it should… Read more »

It’s National Military Appreciation Month!

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and at Tidewater Drive Storage Center we appreciate our local military, active duty and retired, every day. If you have served in any branch during wartime or peace, thank you. As we’re based in Norfolk, we have assisted many military personnel and their families with self-storage solutions. Not everybody… Read more »

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down. Be Aware!

What stresses you out? When you hear the word stress, your mind may go directly to the usual suspects: a growing workload at your job, bills coming due, and issues at home that threaten familial harmony. April is Stress Awareness Month, a time to be aware of the little things that may irritate you enough… Read more »

What You Need For Storage & What Storage Provides

Preparing to store seasonal items and other belongings you don’t need at home requires a bit of forethought. It’s important to scout potential Hampton Roads self-storage facilities for the right place (ahem), and you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need for one, hassle-free trip. Moving personal items into storage is similar, in… Read more »

When Do You Move, When You Do Call Movers?

Friends and family are always there for you…until you need to move. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. We know that true friendship lasts in the wake of many challenges, among them the recruitment of able bodies to help pack and move boxes from Point A to Point B. It often comes with the promise of… Read more »

Tips for Moving Into Your New Self-Storage Unit

With every new year we promise ourselves to make improvements. As a trusted self-storage facility in Norfolk, we’ve been happy to help residents resolve to clear their homes of clutter by providing secure units for extra belongings. For some, it involves moving out large furniture while a spare bedroom is put to another use. If… Read more »

Combining Households? You Need Self-Storage

A major change in your living situation requires a plan. Is self-storage included in yours? We know everybody is crazy busy getting ready for the holidays, but in our years of providing safe and secure self-storage solutions for Norfolk we’ve noticed something: the end of a year precedes big changes. This is the time when… Read more »