3 Tips For Moving Out of a Self-Storage Unit

When it’s time to move your belongings from a self-storage unit, it’s important to have a plan. Maybe you’re leaving your current unit to upgrade or downsize to another one, or you simply no longer need the space. Either way, you want to employ the proper procedure for moving out so your property, and the unit, remain in good condition.

Safety First

Once you have given notice to the self-storage facility of your impending exit, it’s time to prepare. Wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. Wear closed-toe shoes to protect your feet, and gloves may also prove helpful for carrying heavy objects. Stay hydrated as you work, and remember your posture as you bend and lift. Knees, not back!

Take Your Time

Depending on the size of your current unit and the amount of inventory to remove, you may consider planning your exit over the course of a few days. Don’t take on the whole responsibility of emptying your unit in one day if you’re able to recruit help, too. As you eyeball the boxes and bins taking up space you may not think it’s much work, but multiple trips to and from your vehicle could leave you wishing you’d asked for assistance.

Clean Up

Be courteous. When you move from an apartment you tidy up to reclaim your deposit. So it should go with a self-storage unit. Give the floor a good sweep and clean any marks left behind. Remove all trash and old fresheners. Leave the unit in good condition for the next tenant.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we value our tenants and are here to assist everyone through all stage of storage rental, from move-in to move-out. When you need to upgrade your Norfolk self-storage space, call on us for availability.