4 Things To Do For a Successful Garage Sale

This coming Saturday, August 10th, is National Garage Sale Day. With the first day of school closer on the horizon, it’s a great time to clear out the clothes that don’t fit, the toys that have gone untouched, and other items taking up space. You might think it odd that a website for a Norfolk self-storage business would discuss garage sales – after all, we’re in the business of helping people keep their stuff in a secure place. Truth be told, the occasional garage sale can help those who rent storage units.

We recommend self-storage for people who need extra room for possessions that don’t require immediate use. Holiday fixtures, beach and sports equipment, and extra vehicles do well in our units because we offer climate control and secure locks. Over time, though, you’ll find some stuff is better off donated, given away, or sold. A garage sale can help clear away some clutter so you can maximize your home space…and your self-storage unit.

To ensure the success of your garage, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Watch the weather. Check the forecasts so your sale doesn’t coincide with a summer shower or storm.
  2. Promote your sale. When making road signage, make sure the directions are clear and visible to people driving past. Post announcements on social media and apps like NextDoor in the appropriate categories, with a general list of what you’re offering. People who regularly shop garage sales tend to look for specific things like baby items, records, books, and other collectibles.
  3. Price larger items. You may expect shoppers to bargain with you, that’s part of the fun of a garage sale from the buyer’s end. With big-ticket things like musical instruments, furniture, and electronics, you might have a price in mind. Stick prices on these things to give people an idea of what you want for them, and bargain from that number.
  4. Watch your presentation. Don’t treat your inventory like junk. If you want to sell it, you need to present everything in an attractive way. Check every item for cleanliness, and have batteries on hand to test electronics that need them. Use a portable rack to display clothing so people don’t have to sift through a box. Arrange items according to use – stack books and DVDs together, and group kitchenware and counter appliances on the same table. People are likely to buy multiple items this way.

Once you’ve cleared out the extra stuff this summer, you can re-evaluate what goes into your storage unit, or rent a unit if you want to create more space at home. Tidewater Drive Storage Center is here to help answer any questions about renting a Norfolk self-storage unit. Contact us today!