4 Ways To Freshen Self Storage

Extreme weather can cause damage, therefore some items placed in hot attics in summer or cold garages in winter are put at risk. Climate-control helps maintain the integrity of the inventory kept in self-storage units, therefore wooden furniture, fabrics and even electronics remain in good condition. Wherever you place unused items for temporary or long-term storage, you may want to supplement your packing with something to enhance the freshness.

Whether left out in the open or packed into containers with smaller items, each performs a different function. Some of the more common things you may see or use in self storage include:

Baking Soda

A staple in kitchens and laundry rooms, baking soda has multiple uses. Open a box to set in a self-storage unit, and it can help absorb moisture and odors. If you want to leave your items without a particular scent, this is good to have in place.

Kitty Litter

Clay kitty litter is a popular alternative to baking soda if you want to add a “fresh” aroma to your storage space. You can open a bag in your unit and keep it in an advantageous position for as long as it lasts.

Charcoal Briquettes

Similar to the above items, charcoal is good for absorbing moisture and also clearing away stinky smells. Charcoal sachets, for example, have been used in athletic shoes to help reduce bad aromas. If you place a bag or bucket of charcoal briquettes in a unit, however, be aware of black dust. 


For use in smaller boxes and bins, especially for clothing, desiccators holding silica gel work to keep moisture away. Unlike some organic fresheners, silica gel may last longer and can be reactivated for later use. 

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