Be Safe This Summer

Safety first. We’ve heard this from our parents and teachers every time we’ve set out to complete a challenging task. With June being National Safety Month, it’s a great time to observe safety precautions when moving property in and out of your self-storage unit. 

Facilities like Tidewater Drive Storage Center traditionally see an uptick in activity during summer. This is the time kids come home from college, and seasonal furniture – the BBQ grill, the pool chairs, the deck umbrellas – come out for use. This year, with the coronavirus still an issue, additional safety measures should be taken when you access your self-storage.

Observe social distancing. Maintain a six-foot distance from others while at your self-storage facility. Depending on where you live, masks may be required for entry. Don’t forget yours!

Dress for the job. Wear comfortable clothing, including closed-toe shoes and gloves for protection. Long pants are recommended to protect your legs if you are moving large objects.

Know your limits. Lift with your knees, not your back is good advice, but if a box is too heavy for you, don’t risk injuring yourself. Use moving equipment like a hand truck when available, and recruit a friend or two to help with multiple trips from the car to your unit.

Take your time. A visit to the storage unit is usually one on a list of errands you’ll run in a day. We know you want everything done, but it’s important not to rush when you access your belongings. Haste makes waste, but it can also cause accidents and damage if you’re not careful.

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