Is it Time to Upgrade Your Self-Storage?

The one advantage to renting a self-storage unit in Norfolk is that it gives you room to move at home. The furniture, clothing, and holiday decorations you use at different times of the year remain in a safe place, leaving you less clutter in your closets. Over time, you may notice you’re spending more time in your unit looking for the things you need, because you have more things! Is it time to upgrade to a larger space?

If the answer is yes, then there’s quite a bit to do before you recruit friends and family to help move your boxes and bin from one unit to the next. Upgrading to a larger self-storage unit can take time — and you may have to wait until the right-sized space becomes available — so before moving day it helps to have a plan in place. Here are a few things to consider:

Plan ahead. Life comes at you fast, as do decisions to make. It’s safe to guess that most people don’t realize they need more storage space until their current unit is packed. If you do not need to upgrade now, that’s fine, but every time you visit pay attention to your remaining space. If you know for certain nothing you own is leaving permanently, it’s a good time to ask your provider about any larger units that are available. Your upgrade could be a few months out yet, and if occupancy is high at your storage center you may need to reserve early or ask to be waitlisted.

Survey your options. Once you’ve determined you need more space, you must next decide how much more. Upgrading doesn’t exactly mean choosing the next size up, especially if you plan to bring large furniture or even a car into storage. Ask to inspect different available units and bring along a tape measure. Inside a larger unit, measure off the dimensions of your current self-storage space to determine how much is left. Is that amount of space enough?

Set a day aside. When a move-in date is finalized, take your time in transferring your belongings. You will likely want to rearrange how your current storage inventory sits, and add your new boxes and bins according to necessity. Upgrading to a bigger unit gives you the opportunity to organize your stuff, so that the next time you visit you won’t lose time searching for something.

Are you a current tenant looking to go big? Are you new to self-storage and in need of help. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today. We are happy to answer any questions and help you find the right solution for your storage needs.