Combining Households? You Need Self-Storage

Getting a roommate? You need self-storage!

A major change in your living situation requires a plan. Is self-storage included in yours? We know everybody is crazy busy getting ready for the holidays, but in our years of providing safe and secure self-storage solutions for Norfolk we’ve noticed something: the end of a year precedes big changes.

This is the time when people to decide whether or not to renew leases, if they’re going to transition to a new job or retire (and move), or if they can budget for big purchases. Other events can happen in the new year that call for you to adjust your home situation as well:

Yours, Mine, Ours: Are you getting married in 2019? Congratulations! Wedding planning can be exciting and exhausting at the same time, and we bet the question of how to fit two households’ worth of stuff into one home is down your list, well below potential caterers and Pinterest boards of wedding favors. Renting a storage unit before the big event can relieve some of the headaches of moving, and it gives you time to determine which belongings become a permanent part of your new family.

Coming Home, Staying Home: The new year may bring people back into your life, and the spare room. In 2016, CBS News reported that almost 40 percent of young adults are either moving back home or haven’t yet left. For some families in Norfolk, self-storage is one way to keep the important belongings out of the way until the young folks are able to live on their own.

The Roommate Plan: Those who are able to move out may need to share an apartment or condo in town to help with expenses. Like with getting married, the roommate plan brings together two people with lots of baggage – literally speaking. Sharing a self-storage unit gives you the option of holding onto spare furniture, clothing, and other items you will need for when you save enough to afford your own place.

However your life changes in 2019, don’t forget to include Tidewater Drive Self-Storage in your plans if you find your home is too small to accommodate everything that comes with them. Contact us today for unit availability and to see if you qualify for our $1 first-month special or military discounts.