How Self-Storage Help Keep Resolutions

We are coming up on a crucial time. The third week in January is typically when the majority of New Year’s resolutions made are broken. The diets end, exercise routines become fewer and far between, and the soda you promised to give up makes it way back into the fridge. This year in particular, it’s difficult to blame anyone for fizzling out early, or not making resolutions at all. If your house is still cluttered in 2021, though, we are able to help with one goal you may have set.

If you have never before rented a self-storage unit, January is a good month to consider your options. You’re still a few months away from Spring cleaning, and the resolutions to tidy up your home are fresh in your mind. Before you put down your first payment, you may either want to visit your potential facility or browse their unit availability online if they offer it. 

Self-storage units come in different sizes — from the equivalent of a spacious walk-in closet to a garage-like space that can fit an automobile. Once you determine how much stuff at home you want to move, you can reserve the right-sized unit to hold everything.

Self-storage helps seal your commitment to making room at home. You may not be a hundred percent willing to part with specific items – seasonal decorations will come back to the home, for example, but when they take up space at home it may prevent you from keeping something you need.

If you have questions about renting a Norfolk self-storage unit, contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center. We offer climate-controlled spaces, discounts for military, car and boat storage, and $1 for the first month’s rent on select units. Let 2021 be the year you start fresh and clear the clutter!