How To Gift Self-Storage

Have you finished your holiday shopping, or are you still looking for ideas? In a year where we have faced many challenges, it makes sense that we are likely to give practical presents to friends and family. Perhaps somebody you know — a parent or adult child — would benefit from the use of a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Yes, one can “give” self-storage as a gift for any occasion. While it’s not the type of present one can leave under the tree, it’s one that’s appreciated by anybody transitioning from one home to another or in need of extra space. Self-storage is specific, however, so it’s something you should give with the beneficiary’s knowledge. To maximize the impact of your gift, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose a facility in the right location: Your first instinct may be to select the storage facility closest to your recipient. This may not necessarily be the most convenient location for the person who will access the unit. If you’re considering covering the cost of self-storage as a gift, discuss with your loved one the location and size of the unit that works.
  2. Choose a facility with helpful amenities: Not all facilities are built the same. Extras like use of a moving truck and locks that come with the unit could mean fewer expenses when it’s time to move things into the space.
  3. Determine how long to cover the rent: Will the person receiving your gift need self-storage for a few months, or maybe a year? You may have a maximum amount of money to spend in mind. In the event the storage is needed longer, you’ll need to arrange to transfer responsibility of payment.

Of course, if you need self-storage for yourself this holiday season, whether to hold presents or seasonal decorations, we are ready to help. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center to inquire about available units and to see if you qualify for the first month’s rent for $1.