How to Prepare a Mattress for Storage

Ideally, one should dispose of a mattress after a decade or so of use, but given the expense it makes sense to want to keep an older model. Mattresses are not inexpensive, and if you have one in reasonably good shape you may want it for a guest room or to hand down to somebody else in the household. In times of transition, though, it can be challenging to keep a used mattress in a home with limited space. 

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, many of our climate-controlled units can safely keep a mattress that is properly prepared. If you plan to move a mattress into storage, be it twin-size or larger, be aware of these steps to keep it fresh for when you need it again.

First, you need to thoroughly clean the mattress. Over time, the outer cover will have soaked in sweat and other fluids, dust, and other elements. Placing a mattress in any type of storage without a cleaning may lead to mold growth. After stripping the sheets, vacuum every part of the mattress and apply an upholstery cleaner with a brush (read the directions carefully) or clean with a steam cleaner. Move the mattress to a clean outdoor space so it dries before you load it into a truck.

Need a truck? At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we offer our tenants free use of our truck. Contact us to learn more.

Invest in a plastic mattress bag – most storage and moving companies sell these. Wrapping your mattress helps keep away mites and moisture, regardless of where you store it. Once you have it at your unit, you may want to rearrange what’s already stored so you can lay the mattress flat. 

Why? While it makes sense, space-wise, to prop a mattress against a wall, it’s recommended to store it flat to preserve the springs and prevent sagging. If you’re storing a memory foam mattress or one made of other materials, you may not be able to stand it on one end without the risk of your mattress bending and falling over. Make sure there’s room, and don’t store anything on top of the mattress – the weight may damage it.

If you know you need to store a mattress in the near future, it’s a good idea to scout different self-storage units to find the size that’s right for your belongings. If you have questions about storing mattresses or other furniture, contact us today.