Keep Framed Artwork Safe in Self-Storage

Nothing livens up a home like a beautiful, framed painting. Maybe you came upon a nice seascape or portrait while on vacation, or at a past Stockley Gardens Art Festival here in Norfolk, but you’re scaling down or having renovations done. Rather than risk damage to your artwork, why not consider a storage unit to protect these and other belongings? Renting space at our Norfolk self-storage facility is an ideal solution for homeowners with a fixer-upper, or people transitioning from one house to another. We’re happy to help you prepare your art for safekeeping, too.

Whether your paintings have sentimental or monetary value, it’s important to use the proper materials for storage to avoid damage. We recommend renting a climate-controlled unit for added protection, as you can determine the right temperature for your inventory. Heat and humidity can threaten oil and acrylic paintings over time, and a secure unit also prevents infestation of insects and rodents that would otherwise find a way into an attic to cause havoc.

When you are ready to move your framed works into storage, wrap your paintings and other works not under glass with acid-free paper. This is important because this paper will not rub off paint should it come into contact with it. Other types of paper may cause smears and other damage.

To keep the frames from cracking or chipping, add an extra layer of protection with bubble wrap or an equivalent material and make sure it’s fastened. If you have a box that will fit the frames, all the better, but you want the padded wrap to keep your artwork safe.

One thing to know about storing artwork is that, ideally, the pictures should stack vertically. Depending on how many paintings you own and store, you may want to invest in a special art storage rack, an upright cubicle with open slats where you can slide in painting and other framed work. Otherwise, try to stack your paintings in a remote area of your unit, upright, in a position that won’t allow it to fall.

If you need packing supplies to protect your art and other belongings, we sell wraps and boxes at Tidewater Drive Storage Center. If you have questions about proper art storage or wish to inquire about unit availability, please contact us today.