Keep Your Self-Storage Safe

June is National Safety Month, a good time to talk about safety precautions to take while managing your storage unit. Summer can be a busy time for storage facilities as parents of college-age kids stash dorm furniture until fall, and families come to retrieve surfboards, patio chairs and other seasonal items. Of course, it should go without saying that anyone who rents a self-storage unit in Norfolk should abide by safety guidelines year-round, and if you have questions you are welcome to contact us.

Lift With Your Knees

We’ll start with one worth repeating. We understand that few people look forward to moving large objects, be it across a room or from one’s home to a storage unit. You want to get the job done so you can enjoy the rest of your day, but rushing does little to help your physical health. If you plan to bring in an extra sofa or a series of heavy boxes, take your time. Bend at the knees, lift and move. Keep the wear and tear on your belongings, and your body, at a minimum.

Dress For Success

You can come casual to your storage unit – no formalwear required. However, if you plan to spend time rearranging inventory to make room for more, it’s important to dress for the job. Wear clothes you can move easily in, and don’t forget the closed-toe shoes. Norfolk enjoys beautiful summers, but flip-flops could lead to trouble if something should happen to fall on your foot.

Watch How You Stack

Regardless of your unit’s size, you want to maximize the space you have. If you stack boxes, make sure it’s done so everything remains sturdy. Start with a firm base and don’t stack too high. If you’re able to use a rack in your unit, all the better.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we work every day of the year to help our tenants. We offer clean, secure storage for Norfolk, plus use of a free moving truck and free locks. If you have questions about our units or want to learn more about our move-in specials, contact us today.