Lawn and Garden and Self-Storage

It’s time to play in the dirt! April is National Lawn and Garden Month, and once again thoughts run to planting flowers and vegetables, and landscaping front and back lawns so they look amazing for outdoor entertaining. If you’ve purchased new equipment to improve your outdoor space this year, know that much of it can be stored in a climate controlled storage unit when not in use. Proper care before you put your lawn and garden tools away will ensure they remain functional for years to come.

You may not yet be ready to store your trimming and mowing equipment, but keep these tips in mind when the time arrives.

Gas movers, whether pushed or rideable, should be thoroughly cleaned. Check the blades for dirt and grass residue, and if you have a cover you may use it for added protection. Remove all gasoline from the tanks prior to storage. It is dangerous to keep anything flammable in a storage unit for any length of time. Gas lingering in an engine might also cause damage to the equipment.

Long-handled tools, such as rakes and hoes, should also be wiped clean prior to putting away. This helps prevent any metal parts from rusting. If you are not able to affix a wall rack to your self-storage unit, you can use an empty garbage can for keeping these tools upright. Find a corner in your unit or else carefully lean the tools to one wall.

Garden hoses are typically kept at home, but if you have a spare you may want to keep it in your unit for safekeeping. After cleaning, it’s best to arrange the hose on a portable storage wheel so that it maintains its shape. Make sure all access water is cleared beforehand.

Lastly, it’s important to know that some lawn and garden items should not be kept in long-term storage. These include:

  • Live plants of any kind
  • Bags of gardening soil
  • Fertilizer or lawn treatment chemicals
  • Aerosol cans

Basically, anything that might decay or contain bugs, or is combustible should be placed elsewhere.

If you have questions about storing your lawn and garden equipment in a Norfolk unit, contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today. You just may qualify for one of our discounts.