May is National Military Appreciation Month

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we are proud of our military and thank everybody who has served for their contributions to our country. Whether you are active duty or retired, your dedication is much appreciated. We are also committed to helping out military families with any self-storage needs.

Why Choose Self-Storage?

Self-storage offers military families and singles a number of solutions:

An active life in the Army, Navy, or other branch of the armed forces can mean receiving transfer orders at short notice. When you need to move to another city, it will take time to settle your home affairs. Sometimes a home sells before you’re able to get your belongings to your new house. Self-storage provides the buffer that allows you to keep your things safe as you make the move. Tidewater Drive Storage Center offers a variety of different-sized climate controlled units to accommodate belongings from apartments and houses, plus use of a moving truck to help reduce wear and tear on your automobile.

Military personnel going on short-term deployment may not wish to leave out a car or motorcycle. Auto storage is a popular option here, and we are happy to keep your ride secure until you return. It is recommended, before bringing your vehicle in for storage, that you thoroughly clean it and fill up the tank. Make sure the oil is changed and all fluids set. That way it will roll out like new when you come to claim it.

Lastly, self-storage offers security for off-season items like holiday decorations and surplus furniture saved for another day, while you remain stationed here. Self-storage functions to keep items in a climate-controlled environment while you gain more room to move around at home.

If you are military and live in the area, you may qualify for our ongoing military discounts at our recently expanded Norfolk self-storage facility. Contact us today to see if you qualify.