May is National Moving Month

Why is May National Moving Month? Typically, this is a peak time for transitioning from one home to another. College spring semesters end around this time, and leases tend to come up for renewal in late spring. The closer we get to summer, the yearning to change with the season strengthens, and May is as good a time as any to make plans.

Self-storage should be part of this process, too. It isn’t always the first item on the moving checklist, but in many circumstances self-storage can solve problems involved with moving. For example:

Time is short: You’re renting a house that’s been sold and the new owners want to take possession ASAP. Your lease is coming due and you want to leave your current place, but your new home isn’t move-in ready yet. The window between leaving one place and settling at the other is too wide, and you need space to hold your stuff in the interim.

Life is changing: You’re getting married and combining two households of furniture. You’re getting divorced and want to keep disputed belongings in a neutral place until you’ve settled. You’ve inherited a relative’s estate and there’s no room for incoming boxes of their possessions. When life changes, there’s usually stuff left over that needs to be stored until it’s sorted.

Something came up: The move is planned, but there’s an issue with transportation. An emergency with family or work has stalled the moving progress. You’re having a home built, and due to a delay it’s not quite finished. When obstacles disrupt the transition into a new home, you may need self-storage as a temporary solution.

As you research self-storage in Norfolk, you’ll find that Tidewater Drive Storage Center not only offers clean, climate-controlled units, but provides specials like military discounts and the first month’s rent on select units for $1. You can contact us today to find out if you are eligible for any move-in specials, and to reserve a unit for your storage and/or moving needs.