Observe Home Safety in Your Storage Unit

According to the National Safety Council, nearly 30 percent of injuries at home involve falls. Accidents on ladders and furniture, plus loss of balance in older adults, may account for some of these injuries. Consider, too, that your self-storage unit is an extension of your home in that you keep surplus items there for safekeeping. What measures you apply at home to stay safe should be practiced when you access your unit.

June is National Safety Month, and while we at Tidewater Drive Storage Center encourage tenants to observe safety precautions year round this is a great time to remind everybody of steps to take to ensure security within your Norfolk self storage unit and your physical health.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you plan a trip to your storage facility:

Stretch a bit before you get to work. If you plan to lift and carry several boxes from your vehicle to your unit, or vice versa, it will put some strain on your body. Approach the task as you would any exercise routine. Stretch your muscles and get yourself flexible enough to move with ease.

Stay hydrated and take breaks. We know you have other things to do, but rushing through your time at your storage unit could lead to an accident. Take your time when you move objects to and from your space. Drink plenty of water to keep your energy level high, and give your body time to rest and recuperate.

Stow items starting in the back. If you plan to move a large amount of items into your unit, place the first boxes in the back. Avoid creating a tripping risk with boxes or other items up front. When you’ve completed the unload you can arrange your storage space to how you want it to look.

Bring protective gear. In the event of a falling box or misstep, you want to be protected. Wear closed-toe shoes when visiting your storage space to avoid hurt feet. Gloves, back braces, and other protective gear can ensure a safe experience in your unit as well.

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