Prepare For Spring Cleaning and Self-Storage

Spring cleaning is coming soon once again, are you prepared? It’s amazing how much stuff accumulates around the house in a year. Much of it, we can let go before we decide what stays at home and what can sit in a Norfolk self-storage unit. What’s left, we throw out and feel lighter.

When your next free weekend comes, you have to ask yourself: what stays, what goes, and what is stored? As you survey everything at home, it will become clear which items to trash or donate. Here are five categories to consider:

Expired Food

Clean out the fridge! Let go of the half-empty condiment jars and bottles. Check expiration dates on prepackaged microwave dinners. Toss out the iced-over plastic bags you can no longer identify. Do the same with your pantry. Some foods have a short shelf life, and it’s likely better for your health to get rid of them.

Old Mail

We check the mail, sift out the important stuff, and leave the rest to read later. Later never comes, and soon tables and nightstands around the house have piles of unread advertisements and magazines. Why are you saving old mail? Start off your spring cleaning with an overhaul of your “paper collection.” Recycle what you can of junk mail and throw out the rest.

Half-Empty Beauty/Health Supplies

Over time, lotions congeal and supplements lose potency. Items like vitamins and over-the-counter medications may be used sparingly, but if you’ve had the same bottle in your medicine cabinet for years maybe it’s time to get rid of it.

Threadbare Fabrics

Clothes that no longer fit. Shoes with worn soles and heels. Bath and dish towels so used you can almost see through them. When textiles start to unravel, it’s time for the trash or recycle bin. Put the seasonal clothing you can use in self-storage, and clear out the rest.

Unused Gadgets

When was the last time you used that vegetable steamer, or that old boombox? Are you hanging onto obsolete electronics in the event retro comes back? Did you kids leave behind video game consoles when they moved out? If you haven’t used it in at least two years, consider donating or giving it to somebody who might appreciate it.

For everything else taking up space at home that you will use in the near future, there’s self-storage. Tidewater Drive Storage Center provides climate-controlled units of different sizes to accommodate your inventory. Contact us today for availability, and to see if you qualify for our $1 for the first month discount.