Preparing Musical Instruments For Storage

When asked about the one thing missed most since the pandemic, live music is a common response. One day soon, we will resume attending concerts and other musical events. Whether you are a professional musician looking forward to taking the stage again, or a hobbyist with an impressive collection of instruments, you will find self-storage is helpful in protecting your equipment while you wait for your next gig.

With April being International Guitar Month, it’s a great time to consider the proper steps in preparing musical instruments for short or long term storage. Even if you’re part of a garage band, it is not wise to keep your guitars, drums, and keyboards in the garage over time, as you risk damage in a number of ways. Storage in a facility that is not climate controlled can bring about wear on instrument finishes, and storage that is not secure increases the chance of critters getting inside and creating scratches and splits.

Once you’ve selected the right-sized Norfolk self-storage unit, you should determine how to pack your instrument. Owners of string instruments in particular may choose a soft, zippered case for easy carry to and from lessons and recitals. While these cases may work for short-term storage, you might consider a hard case that is more durable and secure if you plan to set aside your music for a while. Hardshell cases offer more protection, especially if you use your unit to hold other belongings.

Before you lock away your instruments, make sure you’ve not only given them a thorough cleaning (consult with an expert on the best method for your woodwind, guitar, or brass) but take the care to keep the instruments loose. Tissue paper between the pads of your sax, clarinet, or flute will protect them and prevent sticking. Loosen the strings of your guitar and the skins on your drum so their structures do not warp over time.

For larger instruments like a portable keyboard, invest in a protective tarp and consider further protection by wrapping the bench and legs to prevent scratches. When you store keyboards, don’t stack anything on top.

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