Preparing the New Home Office

In the last two years, our lifestyles have changed. The way we work, the way we shop, and even the way our children learn have been impacted by recent events. The shift from working in an office to creating a home office is trending, and many residents in Hampton Roads now rely on space at home more than ever.

As we reprioritize space in our homes, it may be necessary to consider moving out large furniture to make room for home office supplies, such as a new desk or computer station. Self-storage, we predict, will gain importance in the coming year. Now is the time to look into renting a Norfolk self-storage unit to accommodate your changing needs at home.

Self-Storage Creates Space

For those who plan to return to a workspace in the near future, space at home remains important. Hybrid schedules, with a few days working from home, are increasing among companies. You may also find you’re accustomed to new arrangements at home. Self-storage keeps the items you don’t need at the moment in a safe place without crowding your attic or closets. In the event you decide to transition away from a home office, you have the option of retrieving inventory from your unit.

Self-Storage Means Security

Attics and closets provide decent shelter for smaller items. However, you should be able to move freely within them to get what is stored there. Overwhelm these spaces, and you risk damage to your personal belongings. A self-storage facility with sturdy locks, climate control, and a clean environment work together to keep what you store secure.

Make 2022 the year you resolve to move freely about your house. Tidewater Drive Storage Center recently expanded its facility, and offers spacious units for rent. You may qualify, too, for our $1 first month’s rent special or a military discount.

Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today to inquire about available self-storage units in Norfolk.