Safely Store Sewing Supplies

September is National Sewing Month. Do you have any new projects in progress? Maybe an easy throw pillow, or new school clothes for the kids? Perhaps, too, your work schedule is a bit packed at the moment. If you find you have little time to devote to your stitching, consider self-storage as a solution to keep your supplies clean and safe.

Renting a Norfolk self-storage unit for sewing and crafting items can be advantageous for your hobby. If you must pause your projects, moving supplies into a space out of your home gives you room to take care of other interests. A sewing machine and table, bolts of fabric, and assorted boxes take up space. If they are getting in the way currently, here’s the best way to prepare them for storage:

When preparing your sewing machine for long term storage, make sure the device is clean and you have removed any bobbins and loose threads. You don’t want to have to untangle any wayward threads when it’s time to retrieve your machine. You may also want to remove the needle currently attached to the machine, and use a tie to secure the cords. Use a hard case to store your machine if you have one. If you have an older model built into a sewing table you may wish to wrap the table legs with towels and secure them with twine so they don’t get scratched. If moving a sewing machine table, use caution because they can be heavy.

Extra bolts of fabric should be placed in garment bags or plastic bins and labeled. You don’t want to leave fabric out in the open and risk dust, dirt or mites. A climate-controlled unit can help keep your sewing materials fresh, but the added protection of a sealed container helps.

Next, what to do with all those buttons, straight pins, and spools of thread? Naturally you will keep them in a sewing kit, one with dividers and a clasp for safekeeping. It is not uncommon, either, to hold small supplies in a cookie tin like our grandmothers before us. If you do, though, stick a label on the tin to help you identify the supplies you need when you are ready to create again.

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