Safely Store Your Grill After Summer

July is National Grilling Month. Nothing defines a summer meal better than a grilled hamburger or hot dog on a sunny day, preferably after spending time at the beach or in the pool. Hopefully this season the weather will cooperate and you’ll get in as many days of grilling as you wish. When you are ready to put your grill into storage, Tidewater Drive Storage Center is here to accommodate you.

Self-storage for grill equipment involves more than simply pushing the grill into your unit and forgetting about it until next summer. Especially if you have a top of the line griller, you want it to last for many years. Your climate-controlled storage unit will protect your grill through the winter, but it’s important to follow a few simple steps to ensure it readily fires up for the next grilling season.

  • Clean your grill thoroughly after its last use. Make sure there is no food debris or other residue that could cause corrosion or bacteria.
  • Check the little “hiding places” in your grill for residue or insects, anything that might have been trapped if you left your grill outside. Check drip pans and behind the knobs, and check for other damage that might need repairing.
  • Disconnect the propane tank and/or remove the ignition battery, if your grill uses either or both of these. Ideally, you will want to use as much propane as possible before you retire your grill for the season. 
  • Separate your propane tank from the grill. Tanks, regardless of how much propane is left, should be stored outside. Most self-storage companies will not allow you to keep them in your rented unit.
  • Even if you’re storing your grill indoors, invest in a waterproof grill cover for added protection. The cover will help maintain your grill’s exterior and prevent scratches.
  • Try not to store other objects on top of your grill to “make space” in your unit. Always store your grill upright.

Self-storage is ideal for packing away seasonal items and keeping them safe until their next use. Keep your summer things in your unit during the winter, and store your holiday lights and decorations in the warmer months. At Tidewater Drive Self Storage, we offer many different sized units to suit your needs. Contact us today for availability and to see if you qualify for our $1 for the first month’s rent special.