Scary Facts About Self-Storage

In a few weeks, countless masked creatures will roam Hampton Roads neighborhoods in search of treats. Many homeowners have gotten into the spirit early, too. Drive around after dark and you’ll find a number of houses have undergone haunted makeovers. Light strings and giant inflatables aren’t for Christmas anymore… Halloween is a holiday for decorating, and with that comes the need for storing all that decor in the off season.

Aside from costumes and trick-or-treating, Halloween traditions include telling scary stories. In this spirit, we at Tidewater Drive Storage Center have some to share. Our units aren’t haunted, but there are a few hair-raising facts you should know about our business:

There is a wrong way to pack valuables. Everybody owns something – clothes, books, record albums – they don’t use daily but want to keep in a safe place. You could save a few dollars and opt for cardboard boxes over plastic bins, and depending on what you store it may work. However, you should be mindful of what goes into a cardboard box so it doesn’t buckle from weight or endure other damage. Securing the flaps by layering them, instead of using tape to seal the openings, could lead to problems as well. Cardboard tears, and bugs and mites can slip through the cracks. Scary!

Mold and mildew creep up when you least expect. Basements can get damp, and an attic without insulation can feel like a sauna. We get that they are spacious enough to hold boxes and other items, but it doesn’t mean these places are ideal for storage. Over time, the elements can take their toll on clothing, artwork, and wood. When fabric mildews and furniture becomes discolored it may be difficult to restore your belongings. It’s no different than losing money, which is definitely a frightening prospect.

Things go bump in the night. What’s that sound? It could be somebody’s toe stubbed against a box in the hallway, or a knee banging that chair you’ve been meaning to move because it’s crowding the living room. Allowing objects to take over a home because you’re reluctant to part with them, or at least store them off-site, can haunt your nerves.

Renting a storage unit in Norfolk isn’t a scary proposition when you call Tidewater Drive Storage Center. Call us today at 757-333-7800 to see if you qualify for any of our move-in discounts. Our climate-controlled storage units are designed to protect household items, clothing, and other valuables, so your Halloween decorations will remain intact and spooky as ever until next year.