Self-Storage For Vacation Homes

With summer hitting its peak in Hampton Roads, you’re likely focused on the present rather than the coming change of season. If the Tidewater area is your second home, with a nice condo or beach house, you definitely put in the work to make it comfortable during your stay. When it’s time to return to your primary residence, you need to consider security and safety. Self-storage should be a factor in the decisions you make.

Storage for Outdoor Items

Second homes with patio furniture, umbrellas, grills, and pool accessories require a safe place for such items when the house is not occupied in the winter. This is not only an anti-theft consideration, but for damage control. Hurricane season straddles summer and fall, and you don’t want to receive a phone call informing you that one of your lawn chairs got loose in a storm and crashed through your house! A climate controlled self-storage unit is best for keeping these items safe, rather than placement within the house. You’ll save yourself any unnecessary cleaning when you reopen the house for the summer.

Storage for Seasonal Clothing

Summer wear – shorts and short dresses – plus extra beach towels and swimwear, shouldn’t crowd your closets when the weather cools down. Rather than sift through clothes you can’t wear in the fall or winter, pack your seasonal wardrobe for storage. Why take home clothing you won’t wear? In storage, you can pack bins so that your clothes stay fresher than they would be in a closet.

Peace of Mind

Self-storage is secure, climate-controlled, and affordable. When you are away from your second home, you can rest well knowing that your belongings are in a safe place. When it comes time to return for the season and open the vacation home, you simply retrieve what you want from your unit.

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