Self-Storage is a Safe Space For Your Dream Car

What is your dream car? We’ve seen many classic styles rolling through the Coastal Virginia region – everything from shiny red sports cars to retro camper vans. In summertime, it’s not unusual to see convertibles cruising the Oceanfront. They come out on weekends or for the season, and whether they hold monetary or sentimental value they need a safe place to park.

Today being National Collector Car Appreciation Day, it’s a great time to review the best way to keep an antique automobile or truck in a Norfolk self-storage unit. 

Clean your car, inside and out. Give your baby the full treatment before parking it in storage for a prolonged period of time. Wash and wax, and clean the upholstery and dashboard. Make sure the map pockets and trunk are cleared of what has collected in the car as well. This way, if you feel you’ve left something in the car you’ll save a visit to the storage center.

Prep your car for a trip. By this, we mean for you to have your car ready as though you’re going on a road trip. Have the oil changed, check all tires and fluids, and deliver your car with a full tank. Gas in the tank shouldn’t have an affect; in fact, it’s riskier to leave a car in storage with a near-empty tank because moisture can collect and lead to performance issues.

Choose a climate-controlled unit. Changes in temperature can affect a car’s exterior. If you own an expensive automobile and park outside, you might cover it to protect the paint. With a climate-controlled space, however, you can rest assured that your dream car will look as fresh as the day you drove it home.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we offer three unit sizes that can accommodate vehicles. We can help you find the best unit for your classic car. Contact us today for information on available units and find out if you qualify for a military discount.