Self-Storage is the Best Holiday Gift

‘Tis the season once again! With many restrictions lifted, it’s no surprise to see many people are making holiday plans in earnest. Travel, gifts, and lavish dinners are top of mind, but the last months of the year are also a good time to think about self-storage.

It’s no secret that a Norfolk self-storage unit comes in handy when you need a place to store the large decorations like the coils of lighting and the Christmas yard structures. Self-storage is more than a seasonal convenience, however. Families and couples utilize the extra space to keep surplus furniture and to help transition from one home to another. Self-storage also makes a great gift, for yourself and a loved one.

Why? Let’s look at the benefits.

It’s Affordable. When you consider any discounts attached to a unit rental (first month specials, military discounts where applicable), the price you pay to keep your valuables in a safe place is well worth it. Break down the cost by day, and you may find it’s the price of a cup of coffee, maybe less. Not that difficult to work in your budget.

It’s Practical. Giving the gift of self-storage can provide relief to somebody who needs it. Gifts make people smile, and when you present the opportunity to help a loved one or your family clear away space at home so there’s room to breathe, you’re giving so much.

It’s Timely. There’s no right or wrong time to rent a self-storage unit in Norfolk. Availability is typically flexible and you rent for as long as the space is needed. Before you invest, however, work it out with the person receiving the gift so they get the most out of it.

Have questions about renting a storage unit for yourself or a family member. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today and see if you qualify for any discounts.