Self-Storage When You’re Mobile

Events of the last few years have changed the way many people live and work. The 2020 lockdown resulted in many jobs turning remote, for example. Today people continue to work outside a dedicated office, and some have even taken the bigger step of downsizing and working from the road.

Imagine trading it all in for an RV and the open highway. Hotspots around the country allow you to check into “the office” from anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about keeping an entire house clean. With remote living, though, comes the question of what to do with your belongings. You might sell some, donate some, and give others to family. Specific items, family heirlooms and valuables, are worth keeping but won’t fit in a motorhome. Self-storage satisfies this need.

Everything In One Place

If the nomadic life calls to you, self-storage provides a secure place for possessions you can’t take on the road. It’s good to keep some furniture on hand in the event you decide to stop driving and settle down once again. Until that time, keep this in mind:

  • As you transition to life on the road, choose a self-storage facility with an excellent reputation, one you know will be around for a long time. Check online reviews and get recommendations from people you trust.
  • Use a self-storage facility that allows for easy billing online. This makes it easier for you to handle payments when you’re not in town.
  • Give a trusted relative or friend access to your unit in the event something needs to go in or come out while you’re away. This way your travel is not interrupted.
  • Recognize which items are safest in self-storage and which belong elsewhere. Furniture and your spare car will be fine in self-storage. Legal documents, for example, are better stored in a safe deposit box at your bank.

Whether you’re on the road or settled nicely in the Hampton Roads area, Tidewater Drive Storage Center has you covered with quality storage units. Our facility was recently expanded and we offer discounts to military and a $1 first month’s rent special to qualifying tenants. Contact us to learn more.