How to Store Sports Equipment For Fall

With school only a few weeks away, we know families in Norfolk and the rest of Hampton Roads are squeezing as much enjoyment out of summer as possible. This is the time to get in all your favorite outdoor activities before schedules changes. The shift in seasons is a busy time for us at Tidewater Drive Storage Center as well, as many of our tenants are either retrieving their fall necessities or making room for items they won’t be using for a while. Sports and recreation equipment come and go often around this time.

When it’s time to store your summer sports stuff, call us!

Your family may soon trade the surfboards in for portable soccer goal nets and lacrosse sticks. When your garage has just enough room to fit your car, self-storage in Norfolk is the perfect solution for the active household. Our climate-controlled units keep everything from furniture to clothing to sports equipment secure. If storage is a strong consideration for you this fall, take care to properly clean everything before you bring it over.

Baseball and softball uniforms, tennis outfits, wetsuits, and other summer sports attire should be laundered according to their respective instructions and dried before storage. For clothing that seems to hang onto odor after regular washings, you may want to look into specially-formulated detergents that fight tough sports stink. Fold clothing and store in plastic, sealable bags so they stay fresh for next summer. If you own several wetsuits, you may want to invest in a portable clothing rack to hang them in a storage unit.

Items like helmets, cleats, flippers, and baseball gloves should be thoroughly cleaned before they are put away. Some equipment may be stored in sealed plastic containers, but items like gloves should be set aside in a climate-controlled unit so the hide doesn’t dry out.

If you own two or three surfboards or bicycles and intend to stash them for the winter, you may want to invest in special storage racks rather than risk leaning them against unit walls. While storage units keeps items safe, gravity remains a concern. A toppled board or bike could damage a nearby item. A rack, when set properly, is more likely to keep your boards or bikes secure.

If the change of seasons has left you looking for storage solutions, we at Tidewater Drive Storage Center are here to answer your questions. Don’t forget to ask about our $1 first-month special for new tenants, and about our discounts for military.