The First Day of Spring is Coming…Are You Ready?

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The first day of spring is coming, and for many of us that means spring cleaning. This time-honored tradition may work differently this year as we enter the first anniversary of home lockdown in the area. If you have spent the majority of your time at home over the past year, it’s possible you may have accumulated more stuff than you need. This gives you two options as you begin to tidy up around the house:

  • Prepare bag and boxes to donate gently used items
  • Look into Norfolk self-storage to keep items to use for later

Throughout this blog, you’ll find different tips on how to pack items for storage, how to choose the right-sized unit for your needs, and other important information regarding renting and transporting furniture and other goods. As you approach serious spring clean that leads to a big move into a climate-controlled space, it’s best to prepare. You may need to do some shopping, so consider this your pre-storage checklist. Abide by it when it’s time to evaluate what stays and what goes.

  • Bubble and Foam Wrap. This is essential for fragile items: china, ceramic keepsakes, photos under glass. You can find this at stores that sell shipping products, by the roll or in perforate sheets.
  • Packing tape. When moving, packing tape is essential for securing cardboard boxes, and sometimes the items within so they don’t shift around too much in transit.
  • Labels and Markers. Everything on this list is important, but if you leave off labels you will wish you had them when you go back into your unit to find something! Every box and bin should have its own label, marked in legible writing, for easy access when you return to retrieve goods.
  • Boxes and Bins. Where you place smaller items when prepping for storage will depend on the items. Clothing and delicate fabrics are best kept in bins with sealable lids. Hardier items may work in thick cardboard boxes. Consider your budget and what you need when you shop.

When you have fulfilled your checklist and packed everything away, you can complete spring cleaning in a clean sweep. At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we offer packing supplies for sale, in addition to free use of a moving truck for tenants. You can contact us for details on both, and ask us anything about renting a storage unit in Norfolk.