Using Self-Storage in Cold Weather

Is there an ideal time to move into a self-storage unit? It’s a difficult question to answer, but to ask us we’d tell you that the best time to rent and fill a storage unit is when you need one. Should you find yourself low on space at home when the holiday season begins, take a day to research Norfolk self-storage facilities near you to determine the proper fit for your extra belongings. As the weather turns colder, though, it’s important to abide by the right procedure when you’re ready to move your stuff.

Settling into a storage unit in winter, as opposed to during warmer temperatures, requires planning. Before you pack up the car, pay attention to weather conditions. The drive to your facility and even the walk up to your unit may pose risks if the roads and walkways are covered in snow or ice. Ideally you’ll want to schedule your self-storage day for when the weather is clear and dry.

It’s important, too, to dress for the weather. Protective hats and coats help store your body heat so you’re not shivering as you make trips to and from the car. Gloves are useful not only to keep your hands warm but to protect them as you lift heavy objects. Closed-toe shoes with thick socks to keep your feet warm and dry in wet weather will make it easier for you as you position boxes and bins in your unit.

For ease of use, keep your most used belongings closer to the front of your unit. Items for long-term storage may be kept further back if you have no plans to retrieve them. Depending on the size of your unit and the amount of inventory kept, you’ll want a clear path so you can access your belongings without having to move several boxes to get what you want.

Whenever you are ready to rent a self-storage unit in Norfolk, contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center for current availability. You may quality for our $1 for the first month’s special!