What Makes Self-Storage Secure?

“If my stuff isn’t here with me, how do I know it’s safe?” It’s one question we hear from people considering self-storage for the first time. You may have a number of possessions that you wish to keep but you lack the space at home. Self-storage offers an affordable solution that helps you create room in your house to move, but we understand if you have concerns. When selecting a facility to hold your belongings, security is a priority.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, our recently expanded facility provides clean, safe storage units designed to hold everything from clothing to cars. Our tenants know we take storage seriously. It’s why we offer multiple safety features, so every person renting a unity — no matter the size — can rest assured their valuables will remain where they are.

What makes a self-storage facility secure? Just a few features you’ll find here include:

Video cameras: Our digital cameras monitor activity near our units. They allow us to keep track of foot traffic.

Coded doors and elevators: When you rent a unit, you receive an access code to enter the facility. Only tenants and employees have codes; this brings another layer of security to our business.

Steel roll-up doors: Our units all have these doors. They are strong and designed to protect everything we hold.

Discover more safety features in our Norfolk self-storage center. We are also happy to answer any questions about renting a unit and available sizes, and to see if you qualify for our $1 first month’s rent special. Contact us today to learn more.