When Is Storage Necessary?

When you look around your home and see the extra furniture, the unused household objects and seasonal decorations, you may feel reluctant to deal with the baggage. Cleaning the house for the purpose of creating more space requires times and preparation, and as you sort through things you’re bound to experience attachments. The spendthrift in you wants to hold off on tossing those size-too-large jeans, just in case you need them one day. That extra set of china inherited from your grandmother isn’t used regularly, but maybe you’ll pass it down to your child. You don’t want these things sitting out where they’re in the way, but there’s no room at home and you can’t part with them, so you consider another option — off-site storage.

Then you feel reluctant again. It costs money. It requires moving stuff. What if I change my mind and decide to sell everything?

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What stays, what goes?

We understand that some objects have sentimental value, and while you don’t want to display or use them at present you somehow want assurance of their safety. We also get that renting a storage unit presents you with an added monthly expense, and you wonder if you can afford it on top of your other bills.

Here’s the thing about long-term storage, though: all units are not created equal. Depending on what you have to store away, you can find affordable space for the price of a fancy dinner out for two. Using storage may also, in the long run, help you to save money in other ways.

Say you have items that would otherwise fill an extra closet in your home. You can rent a small unit of 25 or 50 square feet and utilize all the space for your needs. People new to renting units, if they know where to look, can get good deals for their first month. Look for amenities like free locks or free truck rental or pickup. (At Tidewater Storage, we offer a special discount on the first month’s rent plus free use of a moving truck.)

How does storage save money? With certain possession placed in a safe, climate-controlled space, you don’t have to worry about theft or damage. Over time, furniture and clothing and other items may fade or break with use, and you spend money to replace everything. What’s in storage remains intact and useful, and available when you wish to retrieve it. Should you decide to sell off part of your storage, you can recoup the money spent to rent the unit, too.

As you continue your spring cleaning, consider the possibility of renting a storage unit to hold what isn’t immediately needed. You’ll find it’s an affordable solution that keeps your belongings safe and your home less cluttered.