3 Things To Love About Self-Storage

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Would you give your valentine the gift of self-storage? We’ll admit, we’d love chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day but they only last so long. While self-storage is not a traditional present for your sweetheart, it is practical, and you may want to treat yourself to a rental this year.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, to say we love self-storage is an understatement. We really love it! In the spirit of upcoming Valentine’s Day, here are some reasons you should too.

It’s a safe space for prized possessions. Somewhere in your home, there are boxes of mementos and books you can’t give away. You keep them for sentimental reasons but have no room to display them. Storage in a closet or basement is plausible, but one advantage to self-storage is that these goods are left alone. You probably won’t visit your unit daily, but if you leave boxed or binned items at home they will be moved around, kicked, and possibly damaged. You don’t want that.

It’s affordable. We know money’s tight. We know you already have a variety of monthly expenses, from the streaming services to the rent. Self-storage rentals aren’t designed to break the bank, though. It’s a worthwhile investment that protects property you need at the moment, and the cost is worth the space made in your house. Plus, at Tidewater Drive Storage Center you can get your first month for one dollar, plus a military discount if you qualify.

It’s versatile. Some things – paintings, vinyl records, photographs – can’t be placed where there is no climate control, else you risk heat damage. With a climate-controlled unit, you have more options than you would with a garage, shed, or a unit lacking air conditioning.

Give yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Ask us about availability of our Norfolk self-storage units.