Get Crafty With Self-Storage

All through March, creative folks are celebrating National Craft Month. Whether you’ve enjoyed one particular hobby all your life or picked up a craft during the pandemic, this month is about appreciating your skills. With crafting comes a need for storage, especially if your chosen craft requires many moving, and static, parts.

For years, Tidewater Drive Storage Center has accommodated tenants with clean, climate-controlled storage units for crafters of large and small-scale endeavors. If you do not have a dedicated room in your home for your many projects, self-storage provides a solution so your workspace is always clear. Here are a few ways to get the most out of storage.

Storage On Wheels

If you don’t have a private space for creating your projects, you likely move from room to room when convenient. Craft carts with wheels allow you to take your hobby anywhere with ease. This is also a bonus if you need to temporarily place your crafting supplies in storage. Wheel your carts into your unit, keeping them close to the front of your inventory if you intend to return often to retrieve them.

Keep It Clear

Craft and home improvement stores sell a variety of portable storage furniture suitable for crafters. For ease of use and access, look for transparent shelves that allow you to see what you have available. It is also helpful to have a portable unit with drawers that close or seal tight and will not move loosely and risk spilling small parts.

Storage Within Storage

Speaking of small parts, if your craft project involve beads, pins, small spools or other small objects, consider a partitioned bin or box to put inside a larger storage container. This keeps everything together and more secure in the event of a spill.

When you require more room at home to sew, knit, woodwork, or to paint, trust a Norfolk self-storage unit to keep your craft supplies safe. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today for unit availability and to see if you qualify for our first month’s rent for $1 special.