How To Store Big Amusements

When it gets too hot outside in Hampton Roads, it’s nice to have a cool spot at home with games and activities to keep you entertained. Whether you call this space the rec room or mancave, its purpose remains the same: fun and relaxation. It may be your furnished basement, your converted garage, or a spare room on the ground floor. 

There are no rules to what makes a perfect mancave. A big screen TV, stereo setup, and a wet bar are popular choices. If ever you upgrade your space, self-storage can keep your older amusements safe until you decide to bring them back or sell them.

For storage of big ticket items, it’s important to prepare each one to prevent weathering and damage that might otherwise diminish their value. 

Standup Video Games/Pinball Machines

Old school arcade games are back in fashion, and it’s more fun to have your favorite one at home. No waiting in line to play! If ever you need to put your game in self-storage, though, you have to be careful. Pinball machines, especially, have lots of glass. If you aren’t able to break the machine down in parts, protect the glass panels and screens with cardboard after cleaning. Cover all corners as well to prevent dents in transit. Use ties to secure the electrical cords, too. Once in your unit, avoid storing other items on top of the video game or machine.

Tabletop Games

Pool tables, air hockey and foosball tables bound for storage should be treated like furniture when in prep. Yours was likely assembled when brought into your home, so you will want to take it apart before packing. This means unscrewing the legs and detaching other removable parts, and storing smaller pieces in a labeled, sealable bin. Wrap and secure the larger pieces in furniture blankets or pads to prevent scratching and damage in transit.

Accessories such as pool cues, paddles, chalks, and other items should be stored in sealed bins and labeled, and stored near their respective games for easy access. 

Transporting Your Games

Because these types of amusements may be heavy or ungainly, you should consider using a dolly or hand truck to move them from your home to your self-storage unit. Rent a spacious moving truck, or see if your unit offers use of a truck with your rental (like we do). Use caution when lifting heavy objects, and make sure in advance that there is room in your unit to hold these items.

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Photo: Heather McKean, Unsplash