Self Storage Offers Solutions for Late Summer

Welcome to August. Not only have we reached the hottest month of year, but also a time for quick decisions. Maybe you haven’t taken your vacation yet, and now you have a short window of opportunity before school starts. It’s tough to be a kid in August, too, as thoughts turn to buying new supplies and clothes for the new year. This is the time to decide how much traveling, shopping, and other fun stuff you can squeeze in before September, and also how to plan for next month. You might wonder how a self-storage company figures into back to school / end of summer plans. We can help there.

The change of seasons brings transitions. When August ends we’ll (hopefully) enjoy cooler weather, and those of us with small children will return to regular work and school schedules. If you find your house looks cluttered and in need of cleaning, take advantage of the help a self-storage facility provides.

Protect Your Belongings in Self Storage

Camping gear, beach chairs and large umbrellas, and outdoor furniture are kept safe in a climate controlled storage unit as you get ready for Fall. If you know you won’t need such items until your next summer vacation, why take up space at home?

Summer Self Storage Norfolk

Need to clear out patio furniture before hurricane season? Self storage keeps everything secure.

Free Up the Extra Room

We feel more crowded in the summer when guests come to stay. If you find you need more room for work, or homework, storing the guest room furniture in a large unit is a good idea. It will remain safe and out of the way until you know relatives are coming for a lengthy visit.

Step Away from the Shed

Backyard sheds are good to hold items like gardening supplies and tools you use regularly. When summer ends and you no longer have free time to use your beach chairs or the kayak, your first instinct is to lock them up. It’s not a bad idea, but consider that a self storage unit offers greater protection for valuable property. If your shed isn’t climate controlled, heat and the elements could damage what you keep there.

When you’re ready to scale down from summer, contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center at 757-333-7800. We are happy to advise you on the right storage unit for your needs.