When Do You Move, When You Do Call Movers?

Friends and family are always there for you…until you need to move.

Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. We know that true friendship lasts in the wake of many challenges, among them the recruitment of able bodies to help pack and move boxes from Point A to Point B. It often comes with the promise of free food or other incentives, something to keep in mind if you’re eyeing a self-storage unit in Norfolk and need help filling it.

While a good friend would do anything to help out – even help you lift that couch you’re not ready to sell or donate – it’s important to consider manpower. If you have a plan for your storage unit, you should think about more than how to pack and stack the item when you arrive.

Certain things may require specialized care as they’re removed from your home. It’s natural to want to save money, but in some cases hiring a professional mover to help out is economical in that it can prevent damage and/or injury.

Move (To) the Music

A piano, be it a baby grand or an upright, is more than a piece of furniture. Try to lift one with friends and, should a hand slip and the instrument land with a melodious thunk, you could risk irreparable damage. Pianos need a special dolly for moving as well, so in this situation it’s best to hire piano movers.

Any piece – artwork, furniture, or another valuable item – must be moved with care, by trustworthy and steady hands.

Beat the Clock?

Did you rent a storage unit to hold your belongs while you wait for your new home to be ready? It can be frustrating when a moving deadline tightens on you, but don’t take it out on your stuff. The urgency to pack up and get out may leave you scrambling to spill unrelated items into a box, and later you won’t be able to find anything. If you’re short on time, consider hiring movers to help with the larger items while you concentrate on properly packing and labeling boxes.

At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, you don’t have to go through the rental process alone. We’re here to answer your questions and find the right solution for your needs. We even have a moving truck you can use at no extra cost, so if you do recruit some friends for light moving the transport part of the day is set (you still have to buy their pizza if you offer it).

Have questions about renting a self-storage unit in our Norfolk facility? Contact us today and ask about availability and to see if you’re eligible for discounts.