What You Need For Storage & What Storage Provides

Preparing to store seasonal items and other belongings you don’t need at home requires a bit of forethought. It’s important to scout potential Hampton Roads self-storage facilities for the right place (ahem), and you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need for one, hassle-free trip. Moving personal items into storage is similar, in ways, to moving into a new home. You may experience moments of panic when you realize there are more boxes than packing tape, but if you plan ahead you can make the transition and clear the space in your home without worry.

Make A List

If you intend to put several items into your self-storage unit, you will experience fewer headaches if you list everything needed for the drive. Memory can blank out at the most inappropriate of times, and you definitely don’t want to come home to find you left a box behind. List everything you want to store, and make sure they are gathered in the same room before you pack your car.

If what you’re storing is too big to fit? That’s the next item on your list.

Connect With Your Storage Company

Self-storage facilities may either offer free or sell supplies at a good price, so you don’t have to find a third resource for boxes and tape. At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, we provide tenants with a free lock per unit, and use of a moving truck with blankets. Check with your facility to determine what comes with your rental before you spend money on unnecessary services.

A reputable self-storage company offers guidance for people new to storage units. Placing items you have treasured for years into a facility far from home may give way to worry. When you have help with transportation and security, however, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe.

Do you have questions about self-storage in Norfolk? Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today and ask about our specials for new tenants and military and families.