Preparing Outdoor Furniture For Storage

Once again, the weather in Hampton Roads is changing. Cooler temperatures at night means fewer nights spent outside for some. The patio and deck furniture you enjoyed all summer long may be put away until spring. If you have a Norfolk self-storage unit, you are assured of a safe space to keep your belongings until you’re ready to bring them out next year. Before you pack everything away, though, a thorough cleaning is a good idea.

Clean = Protected

Outdoor furniture wears over time. It holds up to the elements, but also retains some of it when you’re ready to pack it away. No matter the material–wood, metal, or glass–it’s important to give all surfaces a thorough cleaning to remove dirt. Warm, soapy water and a washcloth works for most types of outdoor furniture, and if cushion covers are removable you can wash them according to their instructions. Make sure all furniture earmarked for storage is dry before moving it. You don’t want to leave anything damp and risk rusting or other damage.

As you clean, keep an eye out for needed repairs. Cracks in wooden frames may be repaired with wood epoxy fillers, which are available at hardware stores in different stains. Tears in rattan and wicker should also be repaired before storage as well.

When it’s time to store your furniture, you may want to visit your unit beforehand and arrange your current inventory to make room for these new items. If you plan to retrieve your patio chairs and tables in the spring and anticipate no visits to self-storage before then, placing your furniture near the front of the unit allows for easy access. If you have covers for your furniture, they will add protection while in storage.

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