Proper Golf Equipment Care For Storage

August is National Golf Month, though in Hampton Roads it seems like every month is perfect for the game. Gorgeous weather and manicured courses attract locals and visitors alike, and if you play regularly we hope you have managed to take a few strokes off your game.

Eventually, though, golf season ends for many of us. All your equipment–your clubs, shoes, and other essentials–require a clean and secure place until they are retrieved for your next trip to the greens. Local players have the advantage of renting a self-storage unit in Norfolk with Tidewater Storage Center. Our spacious, climate-controlled spaces are perfect for storing golf clubs and other sports equipment.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your storage unit once National Golf Month ends.

Don’t bring the rest of the course with you. Golf clubs may take a beating during a game, and it’s important to keep up their care. Not only must you wipe down your clubs, you need to get the dirt and grass out of all the divots and crevices. Empty your bag completely and vacuum the insides to get out the residue. This helps prevent rust and keeps tiny bugs out of the storage facility.

Keep your equipment professional, even if you’re an amateur. Golf equipment is not cheap. What you own now, you want to keep for a long time. When you are ready to store your clubs and other items, survey everything before it goes into the unit. Do any of your clubs need new grips? Are there any tears in your bag that need repairing? Fix any problems with your shoes, clubs and other property before storage. That way, you can avoid repairs when you bring everything back for your next game.

Leave room for your golf cart. If you own a cart and don’t use it year-round, you can rent a unit large enough to accommodate it. If it runs on gas, keep a full tank and clean it thoroughly prior to storage.

Have questions about using Norfolk self-storage for golf clubs or other sports equipment? We offer military discounts and a special first month’s rent for one dollar to new tenants. Contact us today to see if you qualify.