Questions to Ask a Storage Facility Manager

Your house is near capacity, bulging with items you don’t necessarily need but aren’t ready to throw out. You could have a surplus of holiday decorations or lawn equipment left over from when you lived in a house with a yard. You could have boxes of clothes your children have outgrown, but you anticipate another one will be around soon to wear them. You don’t want to give anything away, but you can’t keep the stuff in the house, so what now? Renting a storage unit appears to be the best option.

Investing in a storage facility to hold your belongings is not difficult to do, though you may be reluctant to put items you have held onto for so long into a unit you can’t immediately access from your house. If you find you have too much of an attachment to your belongings, you may feel inclined to interview the storage facility manager and learn more about the place from where you plan to rent space. Here are a few questions you definitely want to ask:

1) What is the monthly rent for a specific unit? Storage facilities will offer different sized units depending on your needs. You may not need a large, garage-sized space. Ask to see the units and determine your needs.

2) Can I pay online? Some facilities may have an online system set up where you can pay rent via electronic transfer. This makes it easier for you when you’re unable to come in person.

3) When can I come to check my unit? Know what the hours of operation are, in case you need to come for something at an odd hour.

4) Are the units temperature controlled? You want to avoid having items become damaged or mildewed because the temperature was off. Ask about how your things are stored.

5) What is security like? Find out how secure the units are – what kind of locks are used and if there are surveillance cameras.

6) Do you give discounts for military, seniors, etc.? If you are in the service, you may be offered a discount depending on the storage unit. Enlisted men tend to use storage often while deployed, so don’t forget to ask.

7) Is there a minimum rental time? Some facilities may require that you rent a unit for a minimum of three to sixth months, or longer. Find out before you commit, you may not need storage for long.

The more you know about the unit you wish to rent, the better you’ll feel about putting your things in storage.

Kathryn Lively