Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

We’ve managed to get through summer without a hurricane, but the season isn’t quite over. Right now you can track a number of storms swirling in the Atlantic, and it’s possible one may strike Norfolk. Rather than risk your home and belongings in the event you have to evacuate, it’s important to think now of what you can do to prepare for serious weather.

If you’ve lived in the Hampton Roads area for some time, you may be familiar with emergency preparedness — what to have on hand when you lose power, and when to leave home so your family remains safe. Organizations like FEMA have detailed information on what to do before a hurricane hits, and if you have concerns about self-storage in Norfolk during inclement weather we are happy to answer your questions. We want to be certain you are ready for an emergency and that your valuables are secured. Here are a few things to remember as you prepare for storm season:

Use watertight bins. Bins with sealable lids can be used for just about anything — jewelry, important documents, photo albums, and other irreplaceable items. Make sure the lids snap firmly before you store your things. Keep your boxes in a climate-controlled self-storage unit for added security.

Keep track of important paperwork. If you have to evacuate at short notice, make sure you have your insurance policies, receipts for large items, and other important paperwork close at hand. You may want to take pictures around the house before you leave, too. If your TV or furniture are damaged after a storm, the pictures may help when you file your claims.

Use secure storage for outdoor items. Patio furniture, bicycles, and gas grills may endure damage if kept in a thin-walled shed during a heavy windstorm. Self-storage provides a more durable option for outdoor items during hurricane season. The investment in a small unit can also save money in the long run, especially if you don’t have to replace anything lost or broken.

Be safe this hurricane season. Hopefully the storms will pass us this year, but it never hurts to be prepared. Don’t forget to contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center with your questions about Norfolk self-storage this fall.