Self-Care and Self-Storage Go Together

What is your favorite method of self-care? Maybe it’s treating yourself to a coffee drink, or binge watching a favorite show. Time spent on self-care, be it in meditation or exercise or a hobby you enjoy, can help reduce anxiety and stress. September is Self-Care Awareness Month, and a great time to consider all the benefits of “me time.”

Believe it or not, there’s more in common between self-care and self-storage than the word they share. At Tidewater Drive Storage Center, our goal is to ensure every tenant is happy with their Norfolk self-storage units. Helping you take care of your belongings may contribute to your ongoing self-care.


Self-storage eases your mind. When fewer worries settle in your mind, you are less likely to feel stress. Place your valuables in a secure, climate controlled space and turn your concerns to more pressing matters. 

Self-storage promotes happiness. It’s true! We have happy tenants because our spacious units keep the furniture, sports equipment, and other items they can’t store at home. There’s a sense of satisfaction one gets in clearing away clutter at home. Utilize self-storage in your self-care regimen by moving boxes and bins that get in your way. Your unit can hold things indefinitely or work as a staging area for when you decide to sort through potential garage sale items and donations.

Self-storage saves money. How is this possible? Think about it. A cluttered closet and unsecured boxes can pose a risk for the valuables contained within. Poor arrangements at home may result in a spill or damage from other methods, like excessive heat or basement flooding. The investment of self-storage may save you in the long run on repair and replacement costs for items. In turn, use the money you save for something you enjoy.

Let our Norfolk self-storage units take care of your extras, while you take care of yourself this month. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today for information on available units and to see if you qualify for our $1 first month’s rent discount!