Self-Storage for String Instruments

With May being National Chamber Music Month, it’s a good time to remind you that Tidewater Drive Storage Center has units available if ever you need to store a large string instrument. Whether your music student is taking some time off in the summer, or if your guitar collection is growing too large for your home, self-storage is an optimal solution.

Like with any precious item, string instruments require proper care before they go into storage. To ensure your cello, violin, stand-up bass or other musical instrument is ready to play when you retrieve, observe these steps:

  • Thoroughly clean the instrument before placing it in its case. Be sure to inspect the instrument for dust and hidden bugs and mites. You may also want to take pictures beforehand for insurance purposes.
  • If the instrument has removable parts, separate them to prevent damage to the whole instrument.
  • Loosen the tension on the strings to prevent damage like neck warping and string breakage.
  • Choose a climate-controlled unit to prevent damage to wood-based instruments like cracking and warping.
  • Even in a hard or soft case, there’s always a risk of damage if something close by should fall. Place your instrument in a spot that is clear from other objects.

Have questions about Norfolk self-storage options for your musical instruments. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today for more information on unit availability and to see if you qualify for a discount.