Self-Storage on Short Notice

Life comes at you fast sometimes. A canceled lease may force you to find a new apartment within thirty to sixty days. A new job may move you to another city, effective ASAP. Quick relocations bring challenges, especially if you have an entire house of furniture and appliances to pack. Self-storage provides some help when the unexpected happens, but you want to be sure to choose the right facility for your needs when the time comes.

As you research potential self-storage options for a spur of the moment move, you will want to look for specific amenities that will ease your transition from your current residence to your next one. Self-storage can help protect belongings you’re not immediately able to move straight into the new apartment or home. 

Some things you want to look for in a facility for an expedited rental include:

  • Ability to pay online, or automated payments for rentals. If you have to travel often to get settled, you don’t want the hassle of having to make unit payments in person.
  • Truck rentals. These are especially helpful if you find yourself short a car during a move. The facility’s truck can get your belongings to storage without tearing up your vehicles, too.
  • Early/late hour access. If you have to work while you’re moving, you may not be able to get away during the day. Choose a facility with a flexible access schedule.
  • Climate-controlled units. Climate control can help keep your belongings safe and fresh while you figure out your moving schedule.
  • Convenient location. Depending on where you move, you want your self-storage where it’s easily accessible.

In Norfolk, military families may get the call to move at short notice. Tidewater Drive Storage Center offers discounts to active duty military as a way of showing our appreciation. Whether you’re staying in Norfolk long term or are about to be deployed, our self-storage gives you peace of mind that your valuables are secure.

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