Self Storage Solutions for Business

Office environments are changing. Where some companies have transitioned to remote work, others are utilizing co-working space to keep their businesses running. If you have experienced a shift due to past COVID restrictions or other reasons, you will find that downsizing an office can lead to surplus equipment. 

Self-storage offers an ideal solution for business owners and office managers, in that a unit can securely hold items in the event they are needed later. How you store your equipment, too, determines their usefulness later on.

Computers and Electronics

Take special care when preparing a computer or laptop for long-term storage. The first thing you want to do is backup any data to a CD or thumb drive, and keep track of any entry passwords. If you have saved the original packaging, restore the equipment along with any peripherals like the mouse and keyboard and other attachments. Keep your computers on the ground if possible, for their safety, so there’s no risk of falling from a shelf.

If you lack the original boxes, store such equipment in sealable plastic bins to keep out dust. Bind long cords together to prevent tangling, and remove any batteries to prevent rusting.

Office Furniture

Clean any furniture prior to placement in self-storage. Where possible, remove the wheels from rolling furniture like carts and chairs. This prevents unintentional movement and reduces the risk of damage within your storage unit. If some items come apart, disassemble them in order to have more room in your unit. Wrap surfaces if you stack boxes, to prevent scratches and other damage.

Files and Paper

Storing paperwork and files can be tricky, as paper can attract dust and mites. First determine what should be stored and what should be shredded. Properly label all files for easier access when you visit your unit. When possible, store important documents in waterproof containers for added protection. 

Whether your company requires storage for a few months during transition, or longer to determine the future of your business model, Tidewater Drive Storage Center has the space you need to keep your assets safe. Contact us today for unit availability and to see if you qualify for a $1 first month’s rent discount.

Photo: Alesia Kazantceva