Storage Buildings – What Size Will I Need?

People use storage facilities for a variety of reasons. Your current home may not be large enough to contain everything you own, and perhaps you are not quite ready to get rid of some things. You may be moving to a new house and need a place to temporarily keep furniture and other items until the transfer is complete. If you are in the military or plan to be overseas for a temporary job, you may want to keep everything you own in one place without paying rent on an apartment. Storage space is a reasonable, affordable option for you regardless of the circumstances, but you’ll need to ask yourself how big of a space you need to hold your stuff.

When you visit your local personal storage facility, you’ll find a variety of spaces available for your use. People may store everything from furniture to books, seasonal decorations and clothing, and even motorcycles until they wish to use them again. The unit you rent is largely determined by what you own that’s going in, how often you intend to access the storage unit, and how much you can budget for rental. Let’s take a look at some of the more typical sizes of units.

The walk-in closet-size storage space usually measures five by ten feet, or about 50 square feet. One can keep some furniture in this space, and a number of packed boxes or clothing bags. If you don’t have much to move, or want to keep items on hold for a sale or move, this small size is probably a good deal for you.

The next size up will likely be about ten by ten feet, and allows for more furniture storage. If you have a one-bedroom apartment and need to put everything in the space while you move, this size should cover you.

To accommodate furniture from a small, two-bedroom home, a unit sized ten by twenty-five feet is roughly the size of a one-car garage. Units this large will also have garage doors for easier access.

Units larger than ten by twenty-five may be considered if you are storing a larger home or even an automobile. Ultimately, the best way to gauge the storage unit you need is to group together what you plan to put away and measure the pile. Then visit your storage place and measure potential units. Make sure the unit provides enough room to keep your things and allow you to move inside to get what you need when you need it.

Kathryn Lively