Things You Can Put In Your Storage Shed

What can you put in a storage shed? When you rent a storage facility, you are typically bound by the terms of the business, and therefore are permitted to keep any number of possessions while you move, or take a temporary job overseas. If you are in need of long-term storage and aren’t sure what you can leave, be sure to consult with the management so you do not violate the conditions of your lease agreement.

To get a better idea of what you normally can place inside a storage unit, here is a short list of acceptable items most rental places will allow you to keep. Naturally, illegal items like drugs are not allowed, and some places may have restrictions on firearms. You will need to contact the individual rental centers to learn more. Things that are likely to spoil, like food, are definitely not a good idea – if you own wine, there are specialty businesses that have suitable space for keeping vintages.

Otherwise, when you plan to move and need a place to put things, you can load up your storage shed with the following:

  • Furniture – Sofas, chairs, dressers, mattresses and headboards. If you sit on it, eat dinner on it, or sleep on it, you should be able to store it. With tables, if you can unscrew the legs do so, it helps maximize your space.
  • Appliances – If you plan to hang on to your washer and dryer, or even your refrigerator, you can keep it in storage. It is important, however, to make sure they are clean and that the doors are left slightly open to discourage odor.
  • Lawn Care Equipment – If you’re moving from a house to an apartment but don’t want to get rid of your lawn tools, store them for later.
  • Holiday Decorations – Christmas lights, fixtures, indoor holiday trees and other decorations are safe and sound in your storage unit until the proper time.
  • Clothing and Toys – If your children have outgrown certain items but you’re not ready to let go, store them away until you decide to hand them down.
  • Vehicles – If you rent a large enough space, you can even store a car, boat, or motorcycle. Your storage manager will advise you on the preparations to make before you bring it in.

Whatever your reason for leasing a storage shed, know that you can keep practically anything you own inside for safekeeping.